Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to need a "skilled service"?

Needing a "skilled service" means that you need the expertise and help of a licensed nurse or therapist to help you achieve a goal, learn how to care for yourself or a loved one, assess your condition following a hospital stay or new diagnosis, or help you learn to care and adapt to a medical condition.

What if I need help with my bath?

A Medicare or Medicaid recipient is eligible to receive intermittent assistance from a certified nursing assistant to help with personal care if they also have a "skilled need" from a nurse or therapist. The nurse or therapist will evaluate a client's need for this assistance and arrange the service based on that evaluation. Most private insurances companies do not cover home health aide services.

What if I need someone to stay with me or my family member for safety and help around the house?

Albemarle Home Care provides "skilled services" as described above. If extended services are needed, an AHC representative will try to help assist you in locating the right resources for these services.

Which insurance companies pay for home health?

Albemarle Home Care participates with Medicare and Medicaid as well as most major insurance companies. Albemarle Home Care representatives will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits for home health.

What is the cost of home health services?

Patient's who qualify for home health under Medicare and Medicaid will have no out-of-pocket costs. The cost of home health services for patients with private insurance vary will based on your insurance coverage. Our billing department will contact your insurance company and inform you of any charges associated with your home health.

What does "homebound" mean?

Homebound means it is a considerable and taxing effort to leave home and those absences from the home are infrequent and of short duration. You may be homebound due to an injury or illness that restricts your normal ability to leave home without assistive devices or without the assistance of another person. Some people are medically restricted form leaving home by their doctor.

Does homebound mean I can never leave home?

No. Occasional absences from home that are of short in duration are OK. Absences form home for doctor's appointments or to obtain other medical care do affect your home bound status. Other occasional absences may church attendance a family reunion or other special event. Regardless of the reason, it should be a taxing effort and should require some assistance in order for you to leave home.

Can I drive and be considered homebound?

No. Patients who are able and not restricted form driving are not considered homebound.

How to I get home health started?

Your doctor must decide that home health services are right for you. Please contact your physician to initiate home health services.

Can I call?

Yes! If you think that you or a family member could benefit from home health services call us at 252-338-4066 and talk to an Intake nurse. We will talk to you about your needs and concerns and will even call with your doctor if you would like to see if he or she thinks a home health evaluation is right for you.

Phone: (252) 338-4066 or 800-478-0477 | Hours: M - F 8am to 5pm On-Call 24/7

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